Great Western Hospital
Following a period of consistent high electrical load, the Hospital realised that, if they wished to expand, they needed to address the current issue and that a full Load Monitoring and Assessment report would provide the information required to do so. The existing Mains Distribution System was reviewed and monitoring points selected to allow an in-depth assessment of the individual distribution point and overall loads. More than 80 locations were selected in order to provide the amount of assessment required with each point monitored for 1 week’s duration. This duration, with ten-minute interval monitoring, provides the overall load and system health information together with the added benefit of assessing trends in peak load times during the 24 hour and weekly cycles of the hospital. This information was reviewed and a report compiled, and subsequently presented to the Hospital Trust, providing clear and concise information about the availability of supply, loads and phase balancing together with recommendations for the improvement of the robustness of the system.


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