how we work

Ever alive to changing trends and legislation, Hawden MEP’s designs are constantly changing and evolving to incorporate new and improved techniques to enable our schemes to be greener, more efficient and greater value for money.

That said, the route of our process is embedded in our ISO accreditations thereby guaranteeing the quality of our product and its’ compliance in terms of environmental and health and safety aspects.

At each stage of the process all output is sanity checked by peers within the business and cannot be released until any comments have been addressed and the verifying engineer is satisfied. This process is repeated throughout the stages of the project from Concept through to Technical Design thereby ensuring a good quality product delivered on time.

Apart from the general design elements, the risk assessment of the proposals is also reviewed at each stage and this is something that is written into the governing process documentation.

After the design is complete the process continues through installation and finally ends with a Lesson’s Learned meeting where the challenges of the project are discussed and learning shared throughout the business.